Employee Experience

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Employee Experience

Employee Engagement Consulting and Communication Strategy

Employee engagement refers to the level of an employee's commitment and connection to an organization. It has emerged as a critical driver of business success in today's competitive marketplace. High levels of engagement promote retention of talent, foster innovation and customer loyalty and improve organizational performance and stakeholder value. Having disengaged employees results in people contributing the bare minimum and can spread from an individual to a whole team. The good news is that committed, engaged employees also have a strong influence on their peers.

Blossom Partners uses a variety of team building and communication strategies to measure and improve this important element of workplace culture. The goal is to build high-performing teams invested in the mission of the organization. We help organizations identify opportunities for improvement by establishing open lines of communication to tackle any issues going forward that may cause team members to disengage.

Building Culture and Employee Experience Retention

Culture is plain language is how organizations “do things” and how it feels to work there. Culture is made up of the underlying beliefs, assumptions, values of a company. No matter the stated intentions, culture is largely formed and reinforced by what is modeled by leadership and what is rewarded or punished.

When searching for a new job, 77% of respondents said they consider a company’s culture before applying. We often hear that people chase money. Salary alone will not retain good talent. If people are leaving an organization for $1 an hour, leaders are encouraged to get curious to the root cause of voluntary attrition.

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A purpose-driven, healthy culture of belonging is the main component to hanging onto talent and maintaining high employee engagement. Strong culture begins with a strong vision, mission and values. Challenges and changing times demand even more connection, commitment and culture. Blossom Partners collaborates with clients to rebuild offering tools and ongoing support to execute and sustain a healthy organizational culture.

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