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Creating customer service and service recovery programs that deliver on the promised customer brand is critical for success in any industry. A consistently positive customer experience builds loyalty and helps organizations increase market share. When well-designed, these programs tailor services to make it easier for customers to learn about and receive appropriate products and services.

At Blossom Partners, we understand program design is not a one-size-fits-all system. We assist with assessing stakeholder priorities and perspectives before jumping into designing a program. Program design depends upon the needs of the customer population, availability of local resources and relationships with community partners. Since these differ for each organization, we take a thorough analysis into the existing process to design a unique program that works for our customer teams. Once the program design is complete, we train the team for smooth implementation.

First Impressions Training Customer Engagement

First Impressions are developed within seven seconds of the initial interaction with someone new. A positive first impression is critical to a positive and successful customer experience. It is difficult to overcome a negative first impression even with the best service recovery models. People often think that the first impression starts at the first in-person visit, but that’s not always the case. Initial contact usually begins with a phone call or virtual interaction.

The skills it takes to build customer loyalty and lasting relationships go beyond a smile and a pleasant attitude. The experience of a customer has a lot to do with how information is shared, how employees communicate and how easy it is for the customer to navigate the systems in place. Blossom Partners assesses customer experience programs and provides evidenced-based tools, strategies and training for staff to execute a nearly flawless first impression.

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