Culture of Safety

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Culture of Safety in Healthcare

The American Nurses Association (2016) states that “A culture of safety describes the core values and behaviors that come about when there is collective and continuous commitment by organizational leadership, managers, and health care workers to emphasize safety over competing goals.”

Ideally, people are actively working toward constant improvement in safety protocol, but most importantly, taking action when necessary. Inaction in the face of safety hazards is very common because those who might catch the hazard may not consider it “their problem”. Senior leaders must drive the culture change by demonstrating their own commitment to safety and providing the resources to achieve results. 

A strong culture of safety can take a long time to develop because it must be brought about with consistent and sustained efforts. Blossom Partners is experienced in assessing a healthcare organization’s existing safety culture to find the organizational gaps and building action plans for improvement. We create a roadmap for change that involves obtaining leadership support, building skills through training, and finding ways to measure improvement with the goal of zero harm.

culture of safety
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