Change Management


Change Management Training

One thing is certain: growth requires change, which is both inevitable and essential. Strategic projects or change efforts often fail (with only about 28% of change efforts being successful) when the “people-side” of change is not planned out to the same care and intensity.

If a project or change effort requires individual people to change their behaviors to be successful, a strong change management plan is critical to success. Blossom Partners helps organizations develop and execute customized plans to prepare for, manage and sustain change including but not limited to stakeholder assessments, sponsor plans, people manager plans, communication plans, and training plans.

Blossom Partners employs Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioners to work alongside our clients and help them achieve their expected organization benefits and desired outcomes for their change efforts. Prosci is the number one recognized philosophy in managing change around the world.

Blossom Partners also provides customized evidenced-based training for clients to help them foster a growth mindset and increase agility. 

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